Graced with brilliant genes, Norweigans are known for being tall, blonde, beautiful, and totally athletic. So it comes to little surprise when you see one of them backflip several feet in the air... on a Beirut beach.

Ushering in the summer beach-going season with a brilliant display of gymnastics and just pure fun, this group of foreigners join the hundreds of Lebanese who are slipping back into their teeny two-pieces. Whether for tanning, beach volleyball, swimming or book reading (can you say summer reading list?!), Lebanon is home to a huge variety of beaches for all occasions.

So join the masses and choose a beach from below and get your tan on. Cause no one likes a pasty. (Just kidding though, it's personality that counts!)

Sunshine, Summer and Backflips on the Beach

(Photo via @norwegianbackflips)


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