You know the typical Lebanese show mold: hot models, intense backdrop, lots of drama, and more really hot models.

And currently taking place on Abdel Aziz Street is a huge crew filming exactly that—with Salim El Turk as the director.

The unnamed TV series will be produced by Ginger Productions, and has its promotion offset by the edgy rainbow of street graffiti all up and down Hamra. Featuring two gorgeous buxom brunettes (one in yellow and one in turquoise), a sweaty and obviously busy El Turk, a Jay Wud lookalike and a camera crew of over a dozen people, the shoot looks like it'll finish off with a promising promotion of what I can only assume will be another insane Lebanese drama.

But we all love those now, don't we?

Spotted: New TV Show Filming on Abdel Aziz Street


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