Adyan is a Lebanese foundation for interfaith studies and spiritual solidarity. It was founded on 6 August 2006 by members from Christian and Muslim denominations.

Adyan is an independent organization that operates in Lebanon and abroad, regionally and internationally, through the implementation of different cultural, educational, social and spiritual programs. Besides the invaluable support of its members, Adyan benefits from the commitment of its four networks: volunteers, consultants, friends and honorary members.

Adyan works to clarify main religious and theological concepts, especially in the framework of pluralistic societies where different religious communities face common social and political challenges.

The foundation also encourages building and strengthening solidarity and positive interaction among people belonging to different religious groups through dialogue and common commitment. Adyan thus hopes to be a participant in achieving and anchoring peace in Lebanon, the region and the world.


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    Al-Aalam Str., Majdalani Bldg Badaro Tel.: +9611393211


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