Napster founder and former Facebook President Sean Parker tied the knot with singer-songwriter Alexandra Lenas in a $10 million ceremony on ceremony. Parker apparently had a small village built in a protected coastal area of California, which included a gated cottage, fake ruins, bridges, ponds, waterfalls and a huge dancefloor for the wedding.

And here's why we really care: the 24-year-old bride wore an Elie Saab ivory-colored wedding dress. It's awesome to have such an amazing and successful designer like Saab representing Lebanon. And really, I'm totally jelly of this insanely expensive wedding. But as the old Lebanese proverb goes, "If It was going to rain, it would've been cloudy by now."

In other Lebanese celebrity news, check out this picture of Haifa Wehbe spotted at the Cannes Film Festival last month. Will someone please tell me why this woman, who has only appeared in one movie ('Dukkanit Chahata,' which was made about four years ago), gets invited to events like these? I know THIS GUY is on the same page with me.

Elie Saab Wedding Dress Spotted at $10 million California Celebrity Wedding

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