We all love sleep, and thus, we all hate the sound of construction.

Now we all think that there's tons of work going on around our houses and routes to work. But how much is there really? To answer this question Executive Magazine sent out a photographer to capture a panoramic view of Beirut's skyline of cranes, starting from the BIEL waterfront.

Some of these cranes have been here for years; others, only a couple weeks. Yet their very presence indicate that Beirut is an urban society bursting with change. So love it or hate it, construction is a sign of reform and progress, though in Beirut's case, it's unfortunately too often at the expense of culture.

Check out the full panorama at Executive Magazine's website, here and prepare to be surprised at the amount of cranes you'll find.

Executive Magazine Creates Panorama of Cranes in Beirut

(Photo via Executive Magazine)



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