Head to a French bistro that everyone loves and grab a dessert that everyone loves any more.

Offering a menu of delicious sandwiches and plates, Paul also serves up a wide range of desserts that appeal to all waist lines. A favorite of which is Strawberry Melba, a dessert that screams elegance and luxury and just enough calories to make you feel good, but not too good.

With strawberry and cream and almond flakes, Strawberry Melba is so worth a trip to Paul's--which, by the way, offers great hot beverages (go for the coconut cappuccino!) to accompany your breakfast, lunch or evening. So pass by Achrafieh, Dbayeh, Downtown, Gemmayzeh, or Zaitunay Bay (you've really got no excuse, they're everywhere) and grab a delectable dessert and coffee and thank us later. It's summertime, so go ahead, indulge yourself.

Paul's Strawberry Melba

(Photo via @maison_elissar)



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