Photographs of female Israeli soldiers posing in their underwear made the rounds on Facebook this week, prompting officials to announce that the women, who were apparently new recruits undergoing basic training, would be given "educational lectures" about their future conduct, according to the Telegraph newspaper.

In a statement, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) said, "The picture in question represents behaviour unbecoming IDF soldiers. The commanding officers disciplined the soldiers as they saw fitting [sic]."

This is not the first time Israeli soldiers have come under fire for controversial photos. In 2010, photographs surfaced on the Internet showing Israeli soldiers posing next to bound Palestinian detainees.

In a separate incident, a former female Israeli soldier posted photos of herself posing next to bound and blindfolded detainees. And in a video posted to YouTube that same year, an Israeli soldier is seen dancing around a blindfolded female Palestinian prisoner in an effort to humiliate the detainee.

Maybe the problem has to do with enlisting kids as young as 18 in the military? Actually, no, the problem has to do with brutally invading a country and calling it your own while demolishing innocent people's homes and attempting to humiliate them repeatedly or make a joke about it in the process. But I digress...

Female Israeli Soldiers Under Fire for Scantily-Clad Pics

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