Ever wonder what half a century does to Lebanon?

Check out the differences between Ramlet El-Baida, circa 1960's, and the Ramlet El-Baida of today. There's a striking change in the amount of buildings and cars, and everything just seems greener.
(Photo via Qadiman)

The public beach at the end of the corniche has been heavily frequented by Beirutis and foreigners alike, and it looks like the years of use have left it a shell of its former glory. Gone are the days of unpolluted green, replaced instead by too many bodies and skyscrapers galore. Still, you can't deny that the Ramlet El-Baida is beautiful, even after decades of use. How many other places can boast a mountain, sea and city view, and all for free?

Ramlet El-Baida Then and Now

(Photo via akamaihd.net)


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