You may have seen this incredible piece of graffiti on the alleyway wall next to the 392Rmeil393 art gallery in Gemmayzeh.

It was created by 20-year-old graffiti artist Yazan Halwani. spoke with him Friday to get the inside scoop on the piece.

"I really think we need better role models, kids grow up with pictures of these politicians on the walls... so its understandable that when they get older, they are up to no good. Just look at me, I paint streets in my free time...

This is why I painted a portrait of Fayrouz, a creative, artistic role model... I also added a quote by Palestinian rapper Tamer Naffar: 'Jdoudna ikhtara'ou al Sofr wa ah'fadhom sarou sfoura' (Our grandfathers invented the zero, and their grandchildren became zeroes) to express the never-ending decline that Lebanese and Arabs have witnessed in the last few centuries..."

Meanwhile, last week Mayor Bilal Hamad told An-Nahar newspaper that the Beirut Municipality wants to buy Fayrouz's old house in Zokak el-Blat to prevent it from being demolished as part of an ongoing construction project near the property. Hamad says he wants to turn it into a museum.

Dear Mr. Hamad,

You're doing it right! Keep up the good work.


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