Playing an outrageous mix of Indie-Techno-Pop reminiscent of the 80's, Who Killed Bruce Lee latest song "We Could Be Lovers" is a high intensity, dance-y song that could easily be found playing at a disco themed night club.

Whether you're raving, twerking, seizing, or nonchalantly bopping your head up and down to the uptempo beat, you can't doubt that "We Could Be Lovers" is pure fun. It's one of those songs you play when working out while you furiously peddle and fist-pump to the rhythm. Or when you grab your RayBans and blast this baby in your convertible, circling the streets of downtown Beirut and embodying the essence of cool.

The music video lends itself to the exciting techno-bop of the song itself; the members of Who Killed Who Bruce Lee can be seen wandering around the streets, followed by overly-excited fangirls.

Make sure to catch the full track here, as the youtube video is only a sneak peak. And while you're at it, just let their singles play in succession. It definitely makes for a productive soundtrack.

And if you want to hear their full awesomneess live, then check out their upcoming Beirut Jam Sessions performance with The Royal Concept and Postcards on June 18. It's like an indie-extravaganza.


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