Flowers for dad isn't a very common gift idea, but this adorable ad from Exotica is really "fan-stach-tic." In it, a curly-haired boy can be seen holding the stem of a flower with the leaves wrapped perfectly around his mouth to form a green mustache.

The ad was photographed by fashion photographer Tarek Moukaddem.

Let's just all take a moment to applaud Exotica for overcoming the massive creep-fest that was last year's Father's Day ad campaign (see the pic below). In the ad from 2012, a man appeared next to a pregnant woman with the message: “Thank you for carrying half the load."

It was mostly creepy for me because I couldn't help but compare it to this guy: Thomas Beatie, known as the "pregnant man."

Meantime, looking for the perfect Father's Day card? Might I recommend this gem?

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