In a stunning commercial delivered by Red Bull, space jumper Felix Baumgartner and daredevil diver Jeb Corliss, along with half a dozen other crazy adventurous people, perform physical stunts and tricks that will blow your mind.

Accompanied by chillingly inspirational music (Sufjan Stevens' Redford) and words of wisdom, "I think it's human nature to want to explore," (oh so true), the video is a minute of full on action, and will leave you energized and ready to have adventures of your own.

And even if you might not be the cliff diving, mountain climbing, paragliding sort of person, it's all good. There's a whole world of exploration out there that awaits you, regardless of your energy level. And if you seem to be lacking, Red Bull's got your back... literally.

So next time you're feeling whimsical, grab your favorite energy drink and get your wings at the ready, because, as the commercial so aptly explains: "The only limit is the one you set yourself."


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