Beirut is indisputably the party capital of the Middle East—and proudly so.

So it comes to no surprise that a video "welcoming" Thrift Shop geniuses Macklemore & Ryan Lewis to Lebanon (in 3 weeks, huzzah!) is full of just that—endless partying.

With the duo's hit single Can't Hold Us blaring in the background, scores of Lebanese teens and twenty-somethings lip sync to the lyrics, bopping their head along and dancing like crazy in a show of pure excitement.

Surprisingly, it's not at all lame—on the contrary, it kinda makes you want to embody that Lebanese free spirit. Sometimes partying gets old, but sometimes, it's just the Lebanese thing to do. And with a soundtrack like that on the dance floor, I'd be surprised if you didn't dance.

After all, we're only doing what we do best. F*** yeah.

For more info about their upcoming performance and how to get tickets, click here.


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i love lebanon?

Rajanata Kumar on Jun 14, 2013 via web