Ehden is a town in North Lebanon that is located in the Zgharta district. It lies 25 km away from Zgharta, 110 km from Beirut, and 30 km from Tripoli.

Ehden is a popular destination for tourists in the summer, and is frequently referred to as the "Bride of Summer Resorts" in the North of Lebanon.

The town is also known for its delicious food and its breathtaking views.


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    Zgharta District Ehden


Articles & Media

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Past Events

Ehdeniyat Festival 2016 Festival (Music, Cultural)
'Concerto Delle Stelle' at... Festival (Music, Cultural)
Second-hand Book Sale in Ehden Market & Sale (Books)
Ehdeniyat Festival 2014 Festival (Music, Cultural)
Music Hall in Concert at... Festival (Music, Cultural)
NDU Engineering Sports Day Sports and Recreational Activities (Dance Studio, Athletics, Gym, Running)
Hiking in Ehden Reserve with... Sports and Recreational Activities (Hiking)
Ehdeniyat 2013 Festival (Music)
Moscow Ballet RFB at Ehdeniyat Performance (Dance)


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