Got a can of chickpeas at home that's just sitting there?

Time to crack it open.

In just a couple minutes, you can make yourself a healthy and delicious snack that requires zero cooking skills and zero patience (basically the perfect recipe for yours truly).

All it takes are a handful of spices—cumin, pepper, salt—some garlic, lemon juice, and a warm pot, and bam—you've got yourself a filling meal. Though I personally prefer to eat it cold (and with some oregano and finely chopped green onions), you can eat this meal warm with pita bread or toast, or skip the extra calories and use a spoon.

Whatever way you eat, this is one meal that's guaranteed to be cheap, fast, tasty, and totally simple to make. Which, in my book, makes it a 10/10.

Easy Home Recipes: Hummos Balila

(Photo via majnouna-blog)


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