MACAM is a new cultural institution dedicated to exhibiting, documenting, and preserving art in Lebanon. MACAM has two main venues:

- MACAM with all its facilities, is located on the hilltop of Alita, in the district of Jbeil/Byblos. It provides open-air and inside large exhibition spaces in two reconverted factories.
- The RectoVerso Library in Monot Street, in Beirut, is an outreach venue documenting art in Lebanon, and offering numerous cultural activities.

MACAM is more than an exhibition space. It is here to foster talent and creativity, and provide the place, the information, and the events that bring people and art together.

MACAM showcases a panorama of sculpture in Lebanon, with installation art and sculptures by Lebanese artists.

  • Operating Hours:
    Friday to Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Modern And Contemporary Art Museum (MACAM)

Addresses and Contacts

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    Alita, Qartaba Road, 7.5 km from Qartaba Exit after Nahr Ibrahim Nahr Ibrahim Mob.: +9613271500
    Mob.: +9613197900


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