On Sunday, a nearly two hour mass was held to celebrate the reconstruction of Basilica Harissa (the National Shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon) by Patriarch Bechara Al-Rai.

Lebanese President Michel Sleiman and Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam were both in attendance, but it was Bishop Georges Abi Younes (a Lebanese church leader who is stationed in Mexico, Venezuela and Central America) who managed to capture the media's attention after he was caught taking pics of Rai during the sermon with his smart phone. Later, he appears on camera for a good 20 minutes, struggling to keep his eyes open.

The video of the entire sermon is available on YouTube (around the 49 minute mark if you're willing to spend the next ten years loading it on your PC) but we're going to break it down for you with some simple play-by-play screenshots:

Here he is trying to zoom in:

Time to add some hashtags: #Patriarch #me #funtimes (He's not actually on Twitter, but we wish he was)

Picture Perfect

Hell yeah! I mean... Jesus yeah!

After having some fun with his phone, Younes takes us back to the good ol' days of Sunday mass when the mere whiff of incense could send you into a comatose state.

Towards the end of the sermon, you can see him openly fighting to keep one eye open, but as anyone who's tried to sit through two hours of religious instruction knows, those eyelids didn't stand a chance.

He might be blinking here, don’t judge the guy.

Minute 55.5 seconds,

He might be meditating here, don’t judge the guy.

Minute 55.15 seconds,

I don’t know how to defend this.

Just forget it.

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