On Tuesday, June 18, The Daily Star reported that clashes broke out between pro-Hezbollah group, the Resistance Brigades, and Sheikh Ahmad Assir and his supporters.

Nearly 400 soldiers and 20 army carriers headed to Abra, a Saida suburb, where rocket propelled grenades and mortar bombs were fired. Three people were wounded, and one resident was reportedly killed in the crossfire.

Masked gunmen walk the streets of the Saida neighborhood of Abra as members of the Lebanese army look on. (Photo via The Daily Star/Mohammed Zaatari)

The fighting went on for about three hours until army members allegedly "intervened" and closed off roads. Photographed above, several army members appear on the sidelines in an effort to "control" tensions while masked gunmen roam freely on the streets. Except instead of doing any evident intervening, the army seems almost intimidated by patrolling men, with one soldier going so far as to comically glare at them with his hands posed angrily on his hips.

Even more ironic, the Army later released a statement, saying it would not tolerate crossfire on Saida roads.

“The Army command warns all gunmen to immediately withdraw from the streets and it will not allow the spread of chaos and will open fire on any armed [person] and respond to sources of fire in kind,” it said.

Saying one thing and doing nothing—but that's the Lebanese Army for you.

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