Yesterday, hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Beirut to protest the Lebanese parliament's extension of its own mandate.

In fact, several activists went so far as to stay throughout night, with many of them setting up tents and sleeping bags. Surprisingly (or maybe not), dozens of armor-clad policemen were on the scene, with several photos and videos showing them exerting brutal force on the people present.

(Photo via Reflections on a Revolution)

Nasawiya's very own Nadine Moawad was one of the many upset Lebanese citizens who was victim to the appalling police hostility, and recounted a night full of exhilarating protesting on her Facebook status.

So if you missed out on yesterday night's activism, check out the video below to get a feel of just what went on. And if you've got some free time today, pass the northern entrance of Nejmeh Square, on Riad el Solh, and unleash your Lebanese spirit. There's no time like the present.

Post Edit:

Adding insult to injury, it appears that the Lebanese Parliament's website has been shut down, presumably due to hackers. *Cue applause*


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