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Pure hilarity ensues.

Brought to you by a comedic genius, Ahmed Al-Assir's two-line wikipedia preview on Google's search results page reads insultingly, brilliantly, and totally Lebanese.

Try it yourself if you don't believe me. All you have to do is Google "Ahmed Al-Assir" and read the first hit that shows up. Funny enough, though the words remain on the web cache, when you click his actual Wikipedia page, the insults disappear.

Still, the quick search is worth the resulting two-minute belly laugh. Whatever else happens in this country, we can always appreciate the fact that Lebanese really know how to make light of any situation.

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Hahahaha All respect to who ever wrote that ( Kbir )

Ahmad Sbeity on Jun 25, 2013 via web
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What is happening in the Middle East? Is it the new one?

Marzouq Zyoud on Jun 25, 2013 via web