Everyone, everyone! The rumors are true! There actually is a cinema on Bliss Street!

Sheathed in mystery and clouded in darkness (I'm going for dramatic effect), the cinema complex stands next to ZwZ and across from AUB. It looks very much like a residential building—but one glance through its glass windows is enough to dispel that theory.

Movie posters (such as Despicable Me 2, Wolverine, and The Lone Ranger) have been put up all over the isles of the movie theater, and if you really look closely, you can actually see the word "CINEMA" emblazoned in big white letters between two escalators.

So the only question that remains is when exactly this secret cinema is due to open. Based off its poster selection of Despicable Me 2—which hits Lebanese theaters on August 1—I'm betting sometime within the next month.

Looks like AUB students just found a whole new way to procrastinate.

Post Edit:

The "Prime on Bliss" is officially open as of yesterday, June 27.

Spotted: New Cinema on Bliss Street

(Note the Wolverine poster on the left side of the entrance)


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