Check out this hilarious condom-awareness spoof ad spotted on Al-Akhbar culture editor Pierre Abi Saab's Twitter account.

It reads in English: “Wear it (a condom) instead of clothing them (your kids).”

Overpopulation has put a huge strain on the country, so Egypt has instituted government-sponsored programs that for decades have offered free or nearly free contraception to citizens," AlterNet reports.

Egypt may promote contraception for population control, but we can't imagine the dudes at the health ministry coming up with this humorous of a slogan.

Meantime, fun fact for y'all: the oldest illustration of a condom can be traced back to Egypt in 1000 BC, where drawings on walls depicted Egyptians wearing condom-like sheathes. But it's debated whether these were actually used for protection or for ritual.

Hilarious Condom-Awareness Spoof Ad for Egypt

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