Everyone who doesn't live under a rock knows that what's currently happening in Egypt is history in the making. The past three days have seen the largest ever recorded political protest in history, with some 30 million Egyptians (that's more than a third of the population!) taking to the streets.

With the aim of removing President Mohamed Morsi from office, millions of Egyptians have protested with the support of the Egyptian army, who gave the president a 48-hour ultimatum—due to end in just three hours.

Parody videos, sketches, blog posts and even websites—check out the "Morsi Timer"—have surfaced, among them this hilarious video counting just how many times President Morsi used the term for Islamic law, "Shar3ya."

During this week's speech addressing Egyptian's growing concerns over his presidency, Morsi somehow managed to incorporate a whopping total of 57 shar3ya's.... in 46 minutes. That's 1.2 shar3ya's per minute.

He must really like Islamic law.


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