In an ironic twist, Kidzmondo’s “What do you want to be when you grow up?” ad campaign has been uniquely captured through the lens of the brilliant Ratib Al Safadi.

The photographer frames the billboard’s cheery message in the foreground, while behind it a charred, bullet-ridden building smokes dangerously. The picture was taken in Saida, directly in front Bilal Bin Rabah’s mosque during the recent clashes between the army and Al Assir supporters.

Al Safadi tells that this shot “shows to what extent I and everyone else are angry with everything happening in Lebanon.”

Ever thought of how it would feel to ask your kids about their future dreams and hear them answer “militia fighter” or “just hoping I don’t get killed” in response?

If anything, this picture tells us to look at the situation in Lebanon through the eyes of a child. Perhaps then we’ll think twice about who is right and who is wrong.


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