Victoria Residence is an exclusive, multi-purpose real estate development project located on the less-crowded natural stretch of Lebanon’s southern coastline, which is characterized by its strategic location and distinctive natural surroundings. It is hence an ideal place to have a fresh start and lead a quiet and healthy living.

The project benefits from all four vital life elements provided by its natural milieu: water, air, earth, and wind.

Its residents are promised a multitude of facilities and conveniences, which offer them a uniquely integrated lifestyle in their new hometown. These include, but are not limited to, a supermarket, a restaurant, a nursery, multi-purpose court, fitness and spa center, a swimming pool, and others.

  • Special Feature:
    Facilities include:
    -Fitness and Spa
    -Multi-Purpose Court
    -Chill out Lounge
    -Swimming Pool
    -Nursery Playground

  • Apartments available:
    Block C and D 1 flat available, 1st floor 203 sqm

    Block E Available apartments:
    -Level 7: 172 sqm, 3 bedrooms
    -Level 9: 204 sqm
    -Level 10 and 11: 338 sqm ,4 bedrooms

    Block F Available apartments:
    -Level 5: 138 sqm ,2 bedrooms
    -Level 6:132 sqm, 2 bedrooms
    - Level 8: -Three apartments:
    -138 sqm ,2 bedrooms
    -128 sqm, 2 bedrooms
    -132 sqm, 2 bedrooms
    -Level 11: 189 sqm , 3 bedrooms

Victoria Residence

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    Real Estate Developer: Burjan LLC Rachid el Solh hill Aramoun Tel.: +9615807322
    Mob.: +96170605960


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