According to LBCI, a 33-year-old Lebanese woman named Roula Yaacoub was beaten to death by her husband on Sunday.

Neighbors told LBCI they heard Roula - the mother of five daughters - screaming and they tried interfering to stop a fight that was transpiring between the couple, but the husband refused. Later on, the man rushed out to ask for help when his wife went unconscious.

Roula was rushed to the hospital. She died shortly after that.

“The always fought and when I tried to talk to her, she always told me to stay away since it’s none of my business. Last time I was here, he slapped haler and broke her eye glasses.” Layla Yaacoub, Roula's mother told LBCI. "I always told her: 'it's fine, we’ll fix it' and now, she’s dead. He killed her.”

The law to protect women from domestic violence is expected to be voted on by parliament on July 22.


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