Amid the onslaught of news reports following Monday's explosion in Bir El Abed, comes this interesting tidbit from the Lebanonfiles website, which claims a woman was taken into custody on Monday as a suspect in the bombing.


Don't get me wrong: in no way do I condone yesterday's incident or the damage it caused, but if you're going to pull off an illegal stunt of any kind in Lebanon, it's best to use a woman.

We all know how things work at checkpoints and in general. If a woman is driving a car and passes by the checkpoint, she never gets pulled off to the side. Why? Because she's no threat, y'all. That cute face and those boobies could never dream of harboring weapons or attempting to transfer drugs illegally through the country. Of course not!

Wanted Sheikh Ahmed Al Assir, who's rumored to be hiding out in Ain al-Helweh refugee camp following deadly clashes two weeks ago in Saida - you know where his wife is? At home. You know why? Because she's a woman, of course.

So let this be a wake up call to the army, General Security and the police in this country: women can be just as bad as men. Believe. Just read up on their involvement in the Algerian War and then you'll know what I'm talking about.

Women in Lebanon are Never Treated as Suspects

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