Bliss street is no stranger to new concepts.

With three brand new spots open within the past few months alone— Papparoti, Prime on Bliss Cinema and now, Fritz—it seems that the busy street is destined to become second only to Hamra.

Yet any AUB student or frequent Bliss visitor will tell you about the inevitable curse that many brand new places eventually succumb to. Remember Euro Deli? The two places that were before Food 101? The short-lived snack shack in front of AUB's main gate?

Still, the not-yet-opened Belgian Fries joint might actually have a shot at staying operational. With a bright yellow paint job that you can't miss, the spot stands out as much as Classic Burger Joint, and with hopefully the same success.

And if, like me, you're questioning what exactly Belgian Fries are, I think that's enough of a reason to give the place a shot.

Spotted: Belgian Fries Joint on Bliss Street

(Photo via @s_dockery)



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Euro Deli ... miss that place!

Maysan Marouf on Jul 11, 2013 via web