This might be the only sinful indulgence you can take part in during Ramadan: food, glorious food.

Just remember, all in moderation, folks. All in moderation.

1. I love it so much, my middle name should be Fattouch.

(Photo via halahamzah on Instagram.)

2. Good lord of food and love and whatever comes in between.

(Photo via ahmadbird on Instagram.)

3. There's no such thing as too much chicken or rice during Ramadan.

(Photo via cifcieren on Instagram.)

4. Amen to this.

(Photo via sohellnooo on Instagram.)

5. Ramadan is so great, it's vegan friendly!

(Photo via shilabells on Instagram.)

6. Fatta has never looked betterrrrrrr. Drooling as we speak.

(Photo via kimberlyfaithwood on Instagram.)

7. Fry me a river...

(Photo via syeeeeda on Instagram.)

8. Even the fruit salad looks mouth-watering.

(Photo via ishakur on Instagram._

9. Bring on the sweets! Any Arabic traditional sweet is fine as long as it's soaked in concentrated sugar water and filled with creamy Achta.

(Photo via saratimraz on Instagram.)

10. I rest my case.

(Photo via bmdbakery on Instagram.)

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