Prepare yourselves, peeps, because this is possibly the worst song ever written by a Lebanese person. Ever. And it also happens to be a tribute to US President Barack Obama.

The "Obama Song" was written by self-dubbed Lebanese soul singer Rouba Zeidan. At the very beginning of the roughly three-minute song, a written message appears, informing us that this "dedication comes from the heart and has nothing to do with politics, it is purely addressed to Obama the man, his vision and what he stands for as a man.

Later, she sings that the US president is a messenger of “freedom, understanding, and appreciation for mankind."

“Obama, I’m so glad you served in my time."

Awful lyrics and a mediocre voice aside, the worst part is: Obama's foreign policy record in office is totally unworthy of praise, especially since Guantanamo Bay remains open and Israel continues to expand its illegal occupation of Palestine with the silent approval of the US. There's also the recent allegations of spying on foreign governments by the NSA, and Washington's threat to cut off military aid to Egypt because of the overthrow on July 3 of former president Mohammad Morsi.

Here's a list of 50 broken promises by Obama if you want to get technical about it.

In sum, the top comment under the YouTube video, posted by a user named FreeSpirit194, says it all: "Your personal opinion is much appreciated, in the name of all patriotic Arabs I wish you could keep it to yourself, or at least don't mention that you are Lebanese if you are not worthy of your nationality and what it stands for, as it is a very bad reflection of our people. Thank you."



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