An-Nahar newspaper reported on Tuesday that a young man from Akkar was beaten and castrated for having eloped with a girl from outside his community.

The man, identified only as Rabee, married his bride two weeks ago to the disapproval of her family, who reportedly lives in Aley. On Monday, the man received a call from the bride's family saying that they had experienced a change of heart, and asked him to have dinner with them.

After the dinner, the family of the bride reportedly kidnapped the man, beat him unconscious, cut off his penis and crushed his balls. He has since been transferred to a hospital in Beirut.

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New details have emerged. The Daily Star newspaper has reported that the victim is Rabee Ahmed, a 39-year-old Sunni man. His wife is 19-year-old Rudayna Melaab from Baysour. The couple originally told Melaab's family that Ahmed was Druze.

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