The character of Batroun Mountain wine is cultivated by the thoughtfulness of each element of its creation.

Batroun Mountains is a family owned and operated winery, dedicated to crafting wines that reflect the values of the Hark family. The vineyards are located in the mountains of Batroun District in six different towns on altitudes from 400 to 1500 meters above sea level. Batroun, a coastal city, is fifty kilometers north of Beirut.

Growing grapes in the mountains is challenging due to the rocky nature of the fields, and labor intensive mainly because grapes are grown on narrow terraced vineyards

Batroun Mountains

Addresses and Contacts

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    Rawabi Avenue Batroun Mob.: +9613928299
    Mob.: +9613484863


Past Events

Wickerpark Music Festival 2016 Party (Special Themed Party)
Autumn Secret Gathering (Lunch)
Wickerpark Music Festival Festival (Music)
Registration for Pottery-Making ... Sports and Recreational Activities (Hiking)


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