Founded in 1690 in Khounchara, the “Monastère St. Jean” held the Middle East’s first Arabic Printing Press with the first publication issued in 1734.

Thanks to its sacred character related to the service of God, wine was a concern of Monks throughout the history of Christianity. The fathers at “Monastère St. Jean” were stimulated permanently to improve their wine to worth its divine legacy.

The story began in 1720 when the fathers developed their first “Sweet Wine”, but to meet the Lebanese and international wine requirements and standards, “Monastère St. Jean” renewed his cellar in 2006 expanding its production and following the modern oenology.

Available in Red, White and Rosé, this wine is supple and bold, owing its roundness to Khounchara, in Mount Lebanon, a terroir that grants high levels of humidity, a filtrating soil and an optimal level of sunshine throughout the year.

Cave Du Monastere St Jean

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