You know a band has made it big when they open for Lana Del Rey. And go on international world tours. And already have an album flying off the shelves.

Ladies and gentlemen: The Wanton Bishops. *Cue applause*

For this blues band, concerts, tours, and television appearances are a regular affair. They only recently took time to tour Scandinavia, and earlier this year, wrapped up a series of concerts in France, Turkey, and of course, Lebanon.

With undiminished international appeal and local appreciation, the Wanton Bishops put their time in Europe (specifically, Copenhagen) to good use: recording three brand new tracks at Red Bull Studios Copenhagen that are soon to be released. As if you needed any invitation to listen to their new songs, it turns out that one of the tracks was recorded with Swedish Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter Moneybrother.

After celebrating an awesome tour in Stockholm and Copenhagen, the bluesy pair, Nader Mansour and Eddy Ghossein, arrived home only to go on stage in Byblos front of a crowd of nearly 7,000 fans.

Opening for alto-bombshell Lana Del Rey at the Byblos International Festival, the Wanton Bishops marked their mid-July concert as the second time they prepped the stage for the greats, as they opened for Guns 'N Roses earlier this year.

And if that's not a sign of great things ahead, I don't know what is.

Wanton Bishops in 2013: A Year of Concerts, European Tours, and Awesome


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