According to Al Joumhouria newspaper, a crocodile was spotted near Beirut river where the slaughterhouse is located, making it the perfect environment for crocodiles to thrive.

The newspaper published a picture of only three crocodiles that witnesses told the newspaper that they've constantly seen during the past two weeks.

(Photo via Al Joumhouria )

According to Al Joumhouria, The crocodile is a Nile crocodile, also known as Crocodylus niloticus. Originating in Africa and considered one of the most dangerous crocodiles in the world, this species is a major threat to humans, and is responsible for hundreds of deaths of people every year.

The average length of a Nile crocodile is from 4 to 6 meters, and weighs about 500 kilograms.

I find it amusing that this occurence comes only a weeks after the Ministry of Tourism's inspiring ad, which stated: “They say stay away from Lebanon, but is there anything more beautiful than Lebanon?”

Target 1: Foreigners. Check
Target 2: Crocodiles. Bingo!

Apparently, we're not the only ones making Lebanese crocodile jokes. Here's some tweets to back it up proving only one thing: we Lebanese never take threats seriously. Ever.

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