Malna Gheir Baad is a group of humanitarian aid volunteers working to provide food, medicine and shelter throughout northern Lebanon. Since 2012, they've focused their efforts on the huge number of refugees that have arrived in Lebanon since the beginning of the Syrian conflict.

During the holy month of Ramadan, they’re providing families with food baskets designed to last the whole month, and have been distributing vegetables, meat and chicken every Friday.

The group is aiming to reach 500 families this year, and, with the help of local committees and other humanitarian organizations, has so far aided around 200.

To help them deliver a Ramadan basket to a family in need, the cost is a very reasonable 150$ per family (covering the 30 days’ project).

For those who want to help out, Malna Baad accepts clothes donations in both Beirut and Tripoli, and is looking for volunteers.

Any monetary donations will be documented to ensure the group’s transparency towards its donors. The documentation includes a list of names of the families who benefited, receipts, pictures and videos.

For more info, please contact:
Diana Rifai +96176882709

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