We already knew it was awesome, but get this: each week the Windows Phone Store features noteworthy apps it thinks are worth shining the spotlight on for a day. And today, one of those apps is Beirut.com.

Being the leading online guide and directory to exploring the country from your fingertips isn't something we take for granted. We won't promise to organize your life, just your social calendar.

We've made this version super-fast and easy to navigate, so you can get quick access to locations and contact information for every business operating in Beirut. You can even upload your favorite photos to our app so we can feature you and your friends on Beirut.com.

With over 5,000 restaurants, cafes, bars and more listed in our directory, as well as an average of 200 events per week, our app makes it completely unrealistic for you to ever complain about Beirut being a snooze fest.

It's an undeniable fact: download the Beirut.com App, and you'll end up with a phone that just does more.

Spotted: The Beirut.com App Featured in the Windows Phone Store

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