Photo courtesy of Jad Al Naddaf.

This picture was taken on July 21st at one of Byblos’ many pool resorts as part of an advertising campaign for Chopin Vodka.

A woman stands in the middle of a sunny beach pool party, dressed in a red corset-like dress with matching gloves and high heels. The cherry on top is the vodka shots that hang on her dress in an attempt to get the promo girl to sell the product.

This is basically a daily phenomenon that we Lebanese have become accustomed to. Women are constantly being used to sell products, whether at events as sales and promo girls, or through ads on television on on billboards.

It has gotten to a point where the products don't even have to be related to women anymore for their bodies to be used to sell.

Here's a look back at some of the most sexist ads that have been displayed on our streets for months, and that we must put up with.

Brand: Label 5 Whiskey.
Date: September 2009.
Slogan: Plastic surgery made me fabulous.

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Brand: Cable Vision TV Cable
Date: August 2010.
Slogan: Two for 15 dollars.

Photo via Plus 961

Brand: Alwarda Arguileh Flavour.
Date: October 2011.
Slogan: Alwarda, on everybody's lips.

Photo via Blog Baladi

Brand: Mazda Cars.
Date: August 2012.
Slogan: Get excited.

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Brand: Aishti Clothing Store.
Date: February 2013.
Slogan: None (Portrayal of women's lingerie as "love")

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