If you haven’t yet heard of quinoa, sustainable living, or the paleo diet, you’re way behind the times. McDonalds, Segways, and Frappuccinos are out. Home cooking, yoga, and juice cleanses are in.

And I’m totally into it. Not because it’s what the cool kids are doing today, or because yogis and kale-consumers promise you a “better and happier” lifestyle or anything. I mean, what would life be without French fries anyway?

Simple speaking, it’s freaking amazing. Stress is no match against a good yoga class. So when I stumbled upon MD Yoga’s ad for a Yoga Detox Organic Dinner, my interest was piqued.

First things first: it’s situated on a yacht. A yacht.

The package deal promises you a one-hour yoga class, consultation from dieticians and nutritionists, and free holistic healing sessions (I’m talking massages and facials here, people). I signed up for the later class at 7:30, which meant that my yoga session would be on the Mediterranean and underneath Lebanon's beautiful starry sky.

Best part? Free massages. Since the stands were only offering samples of their services, my masseuse informed me that he could only give me a hand, back, and neck massage. “Only.”

As a person who has never before had a professional massage, indulge me when I say “oh my freaking goodness was it amazing.”

My loitering on the lower deck was interrupted by a voice over the intercom calling all second-wave yogis to the deck.

The yoga area was lined with incense, which gave the entire session a very “legit” vibe. Whatever that means. Three musicians were splayed comfortably in the corner, lightly fingering their instruments for the best possible combination of mood and music. But above all, the view of the mountains, lit up with the odd bundle of house lights, and the gentle sound of the Mediterranean waves were what did it for me.

I don’t think I’ve ever had quite such an experience.

The class itself was designed for all levels, which meant it was more relaxing than it was vexing. Still, we did a number of stretches and positions that left all my muscles worked out and feeling as refreshed as ever. A feat for someone like myself, who rarely comes out of an exercise feeling anything but ready to collapse.

The dinner that followed was interesting, to say the least. Being an avid foodie (and in no way a vegan) myself, I was a bit skeptical of the “healthy and holistic” dinner they promised.

The theme was “detox,” and began with two antioxidant-rich shots: a beetroot mix, and a kale mix.

The actual meal opened with a green gazpacho soup made from quinoa, lentils, spinach, strawberries, and other healthy yet delicious ingredients. Surprisingly, I loved it. I’m not one for cold soups, but the sweetness of the strawberries and rich texture of the quinoa made for a delightfully refreshing appetizer.

Next came the quinoa cake. Don’t be fooled—it’s not actually cake. It’s savory, and closer resembles oatmeal than it does cake. In perhaps the most innovative use of the ever popular grain I’ve seen in Lebanon, the “Quinoa Cake” is a mash made from sweet potato, red quinoa, himalayan salt, cranberries, lentils, and pumpkin seeds.

I don’t think I can quite stress enough how ingenious the combination of berries, pumpkin seeds, and quinoa is. It’s like a party in your mouth, but one that doesn’t make you feel guilty and bloated after. Dessert was simply a tower of detoxifying fruit, with an added dash of coconut and maple syrup.

While overall, the experience was awesome, I’m not dense enough to think I’ve been “cleansed.” Detoxifying your body is a process drawn over days or weeks, and takes much more effort and self-control than one night on a luxurious yacht. But the MD Yoga team have endeavored a way to get you started and, even more importantly, an appealing one.

Seriously, when's the last time you had such a good time doing something healthy? The Yoga Detox Dinner is every Tuesday until August 27, so try it while you can.

Even if the whole health-craze thing isn't for you, a little exercise on a yacht underneath the stars never hurt anyone. The Yoga Detox Organic Dinner features live music every Tuesday at 6 PM. For more info, check out their Facebook page.

(Images via MD Yoga Team)

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