Rina Chibany, also known as Miss Lebanon 2012, wore her crown to her graduation ceremony at USEK university, where she received her Master's Degree in Interior Design. The event was aired on LBCI Saturday because the network somehow found Miss Lebanon's graduation newsworthy.

"From the crown of beauty to the crown of education," begins the one-minute report documenting her achievements.The video clearly shows Chibany wearing the crown throughout the entire ceremony.

Pro-tip, honey: True class would have involved proudly adorning your university's cap and gown along with the rest of your classmates, no frills added.

"God helped me and I was able to graduate this year to send a message to all youth on how important education is in life, and that it's the most powerful weapon. Yes beauty matters, but we need education for the rest of our lives," Chibany said during a speech to her graduating class.

Another tip for the young lady: education is very important, indeed. But we already know that. Today the issue is more about having overqualified young Lebanese who want to work in this country but who can't find jobs, than it is about uneducated youth. According to the 2013 World Economic Forum report, Lebanon scored a 81.4 for secondary education enrollment.

Here's to the class of 2013 finding gainful employment!


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