Stereo Club Nights has become a weekly destination for the hottest DJs in town as they bring back the retro days, blending them with the new sounds and waves of today's finest Deep House acts.

After moving to a new location near Dora, asked Jessica Chaker, one of the Stereo Club Nights organizers, five quick questions to find out some details about the "Hangar." Why did you move to another location?

Stereo Club Nights: We moved because we felt that this new venue can allow us to express ourselves and our music better.'s going to improve in the new venue?

Stereo Club Nights: The new venue has so much potential. It's similar to venues in Berlin and LA, the new venue is bigger, has no sound restraints, is very easy to get to and has the sea right behind it. Why should people go to your parties and not others'?

Stereo Club Nights: We don't really compare ourselves to others. Each is doing his own thing, we feel like what we offer is something fresh and the music we are pushing is the best. What would you like to say to your competitors?

Stereo Club Nights: Healthy competition is always good, we work with some people on other projects and we compete on others. At the end of the day we are all friends. Everyone is welcome to come to Stereo. What's the best word to describe Stereo Club Nights?

Stereo Club Nights: I would say fresh. Fresh is the word.

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