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KidzMondo is organizing charity iftars throughout the holy month of Ramadan at the giant children's activity center this year.

Every day, around 250 to 300 orphaned children have the chance to play for two and a half hours at KidzMondo. The children come from various orphanages, including: Al Kachaf Al Muslim, Al Azm Wal Saada, Mouwasat, Al Irchad wal Islah, Riayat Al yateem , Moassasat Dr Mohammad Khaled Al Ijtimaiya, sat down with Mirna Souaid, the marketing and events manager, to find out more about the people behind the event.

"It’s such a fulfilling feeling you get when you work on a project like this," Souaid told

For her, the KidzMondo team is to be thanked, but first and foremost, Mr. Ali Kazma –KidzMondo’s chairman- who came up with the idea and who, she says, "made it possible for all of us to feel the spirit of giving and making unprivileged kids happy."

After playtime, the children are treated to a delicious Iftar meal from one of KidzMondo’s partner caterers', namely: Waterlemon, Pain d’or, Ghandour, Fiber resto, Churrolicious, Kidzeria, D cupcake and Dunkin Donuts.

The boys and girls all head home with brand new gifts and toys at the end of the memorable experience.

Cheers to KidzMondo for truly demonstrating the spirit of giving back to the community during Ramadan. We wish more local organizations would do the same.


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