Beirut Open Stage (BOS) is an organization that aims to showcase the best of Lebanon's new artistic talents through a series of open stage events/concerts across the country's capital.

Through its events, BOS acts as the middleman between the artists on one side and, on the other side, the audience and professionals. It allows various artists to build a fan base and connect with them on a regular basis through their participation in various themes suggested within each event.

The BOS concept is the result of an increasing need for an easy-access medium to put forward the Lebanese artists’ works of art. Whether it consists of musical pieces, paintings, sculptures, projections or any other form of artistic work, BOS is capable of integrating and making them available to a wider public that will usually consist of art enthusiasts and talent scouts within Lebanon.

In this way, a constant exchange occurs between artists, the public and the BOS organization.

Articles & Media

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Past Events


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