In a live television broadcast on Thursday, Lebanese police reenacted the murder of Syrian political analyst Mohammad Jammo, who was killed July 17 after he was allegedly shot some 29 times by his wife's nephew, Ali Younes.

During the event, officials went so far as to put an empty Kalashnikov in the suspect's hands and asked him to pretend to shoot Jammo. At one point, a reporter asks Younes, "Why did you do this?" Somehow, this was deemed too controversial amid what was already a "dog and pony show," so the prosecutor retorted, "No, no, you're not allowed to ask this. It's confidential."

According to Tayyar, the reason police pulled out this carefully curated publicity stunt, was to prove to the public their ability to pursue criminals and "stay up all night to ensure people feel safe and secure."

I'd say the biggest achievement to come out of the whole spectacle was sweaty foreheads. No really, watch the roughly 14-minute video and tell me you're not mesmerized by the glaring abundance of sweaty foreheads in front of the camera.

Who needs CSI when you've got the theatrics of the Lebanese police department? Amiright?

Who Needs CSI? Lebanese Police Reenact Murder on Live Television

Photo Courtesy of Hussein Baydoun



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