Established in 1962, Commercial Insurance has proven its success through a sound financial track record and a visionary marketing approach.

The company was the first to implement the 24-hour customer call center with an assistance line operator (tel: 1280). It continues to update its services according to market changes.

Commercial Insurance operates from its headquarters in the Starco Center in downtown Beirut and is supported by its branch office in Zouk Mikael.

  • Special Feature:
    - Motor insurance
    - Medical insurance
    - Istichfa insurance
    - Personal accident insurance
    - Workers' Compensation
    - Foreign labor insurance
    - Property insurance
    - General third-party liability insurance
    - Money insurance
    - Marine insurance
    - Travel insurance
    - School liability insurance
    - Life insurance
    - Banker insurance
    - Engineering insurance

Commercial Insurance

Addresses and Contacts

  • Map

    Starco Center, North Block, 9th Floor Clemenceau Tel.: +9611373070



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