(A caricature by Armand Homsi published in An-Nahar newspaper on August 2, 2013.)

Fadl Chaker is still making news. The singer-turned-fugitive who gained notoriety last month for assisting Sheikh Amhed Assir in clashes that erupted in Saida between the army and Assir's supporters, was the subject today of a brilliant cartoon by Armand Homsi.

The illustration, published in An-Nahar newspaper, features a hybrid instrument, part-Oud, part-Kalashnikov, with the caption: "Fadl Chaker's new song."

On July 28, Chaker released a new song on YouTube called, "Get Ready to Fight Like Some Old Islamic Legends."

All of this reminds me of Antonio Banderas' character in the 1995 film, Desperado, who carries around a guitar case throughout the movie, which turns out to be a loaded weapon. But that's about as far as the comparison goes between Bandaras and the chubby, white-bearded Chaker. Yup.

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