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Yazan Halwani has once again put his unique style, creative approach and, now, social consciousness into another memorable piece of graffiti art. His latest mural pays tribute to the late Ali Abdallah, a homeless man and a well-known figure on Bliss Street who passed away last year.

According to Halwani, “Ali died on the coldest night of Beirut's winter because he was living in pitiful conditions. Ali's death triggered short-lived actions to help the homeless in Beirut (for one or two weeks). I painted this mural a few hundred meters from Ali's street to immortalize him and to remind us that we should not wait [for] the death of another Ali to help others.”

He went on to explain his choice of words surrounding Ali’s image, “I wrote ‘Ghadan Yawmone Afdal’ [tomorrow is a better day] while listening to a song of the similar title by Mashrou' Leila, in the hope that tomorrow will be a better day."

Halwani’s piece will act as a constant reminder of our humanity, of how we sometimes lose sight of the need to be altruistic and compassionate towards others before it is too late, a message that truly humbles us.

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