Surely the best part about Lebanon is discovering all of the hidden treasures, historical sites and natural wonders that makes the country such an innately gorgeous place to live.

If this list doesn't immediately make you want to get in a car and start exploring all that Lebanon has to offer, then clearly there is something wrong with you.

1. The Balaa Sinkhole, Tannourine

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Discovered in 1952 by French bio-speleologist Henri Coiffait, a stunning waterfall drops over 800 feet into the Balaa sinkhole. Looking up from the bottom of the site, you'll find three natural bridges, one rising above the other, dubbed the "Three Bridges Chasm." In a word, it's breathtaking.

2. Bcharre

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The town of Bcharre in North Lebanon overlooks the incredible Kadisha Valley and proudly boasts the country's only remaining and preserved Cedar trees of Lebanon. It is also the birthplace of the famous Lebanese poet, Khalil Gibran.

3. Lake Qaraoun

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Lake Qaraoun is an artificial lake that was created in 1959 through the erection of a 200-foot-tall concrete dam via the Litani river. The lake serves as a natural habitat to some 20,000 migratory birds throughout the year.

4. Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

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Located in North Lebanon, Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve is, hands down, the best place to hike in Lebanon. Think: gorges, wild orchids, and over 1,058 plant species.

5. Anjar

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Anjar is believed to have been founded in the early 8th Century AD, and is considered a historical site in Lebanon due to its extensive ruins dating back to the Umayyad area.

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