On Tuesday night, famed singer Sabah Fakhri performed live at Beirut Souks as part of the Beirut Holidays Festival.

The show, to put it simply, was a disaster. First off, Fakhri didn't start performing until an hour after the show was scheduled to begin.

When he finally managed to arrive at his own performance, the singer appeared with a cane and was essentially being carried by two men who sat him down in a chair on stage. It took him nearly a full minute to pronounce the words "good evening." Honestly, his strange antics made it seem as though he'd recently suffered a stroke.

What's more - Fakhri barely sang during the concert. His son, Anas, and a couple of other guest artists performed some famed Syrian songs with Fakhri singing - at best - a few words during the entire concert.

In Al-Akhbar newspaper's's interview with Anas on August 8, he claimed his father was "doing his best to prepare and exercise ahead of the concert," adding that the iconic Syrian singer is "doing very well."

If you went to see Fakhri's show last night, you'd say just the opposite.

Sabah Fakhri Holds Concert at Beirut Souks, Barely Sings

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This is sad, very sad to read. Mirroring what is happening in Syria. The country had a stroke too and is paralyzed. Has modern science invented a cure for Syria? I am in tears about today's events. Will wise men prevail eventually? I think about it every night.

Hisham Abukalam on Aug 15, 2013 via web
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He actually did have a stroke. It was a misleading name to the event. Nonetheless, the little he sang, he did very well for a guy with near partial paralysis!

Mazen Gh on Aug 14, 2013 via mobile web