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After writing anonymously since 2009, Lebanese blogger Ivy, who doubles as our resident relationship expert at Beirut.com, has decided to reveal her identity to the world.

Meet Dana N. Khairallah, the girl behind the fashion blog that everyone loves: Ivy Says.

Khairallah tells Beirut.com why she decided to 'come out' after all these years: "I’m tired of turning down great opportunities because I was worried people would figure out who I was, and it was a good idea at the time given the nature of my work. But it doesn't matter anymore. I also got wind that some people who know who I am may be outing me, so I wasn't going to sit around and wait for it to happen. I wanted to do it on my own terms."

So what can we expect from our favorite blogging goddess in the future? "Sneaking around under alias names takes a lot of energy, although it’s been a blast," says Khairallah. "I think brands are more comfortable working with someone they can put a face to rather than some ambiguous online persona, so I have a lot of collaborations cooking in the kitchen. I may also have to be nicer to celebs in my fashion crime scene posts since they can now come after me, or not!"

Dana has kept such a tight lid on her personal life, she even kept this interesting gem from Beirut.com: "People might be surprised to know that I'm married. People knew I was engaged, but out of respect for my man (who's a low-key kind of guy), I decided to keep our private life private. So yeah, I think that may drop a lot of jaws."

Find out more about Ivy and her big reveal in this month's issue of RagMag.


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